Parents' Guide to Success

A Stimulating Curriculum

The best preschools have daily schedules that include plenty of time for physical activity, quiet time(including regular story time), group programs, socializing, crafts, individual activities, meals, snacks, and free time. TV and videos should not play a big part in your child's day.

​A qualified, caring staff

A trained, qualified staff is one advantage preschools and daycare centers have over nannies and some home daycares.  When you are at the school, observe how staff members interact with the children. Teachers should be responsible, enthusiastic, and well prepared. Look for a preschool with a staff that shares your philosophy about sleep, discipline, feeding, and other issues.

​Clean, safe facilities

​A good preschool is clean and safe. It has to be to meet licensing requirements in Tennessee. Nevertheless, make sure the floors, walls, and kitchen area are clean. Make sure the preschool follows the basic rules of safety, too. Strangers shouldn't be able to just walk in off the street- and children shouldn't be able to wander out. Look for a school with an outdoor play area. Children should have the chance to play outside every day.

​A current license

​Ask to see a preschool's license and credentials, then call your local Department of Human Services to double check that it is current. To be licensed, preschools must meet state licensing regulations for health and safety. And  because they're usually classified as daycares rather than educational institutions, preschools have to meet the same licensing requirements as other childcare centers. Of course, a license isn't a guarantee of quality- that's why you have to evaluate the school and the teachers for yourself.

Bottom line: You as a Parent have to be comfortable with your child's daily environment. You have to be comfortable with the Teachers and overall school. Your child will be in the care of that facility for most of their day.

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